Spring Joy

Spring has been especially fun this year. We are so grateful for Drew’s smile and the amazing sunshine.

I love Easter!

I love Easter!

Easter Bunny

Drew was in love with the Easter Bunny.  Disneyland characters here we come…


Strutting his stuff.

Hee hee

This stick is hilarious.


Eggs, interesting.


Pearl,  Hope and  Drew finding Easter eggs.


“Hey Eden, I think we found the biggest egg of all.”


Mommy’s little bunny.


Mama and Drew enjoying the beach.

One small step for baby-kind

Drew has started his journey as a walker.  He really got going on Ashley’s birthday with his attempts at walking and just keeps getting better every day.  It’s so fun to see him grow and develop!

What a difference 6 months makes!

Drew celebrating Mama’s birthday at 4 months and Mommy’s birthday at 10 months. What a difference 6 months makes!

First carousel ride!

First carousel ride!  Always up for new experiences.

Fun at the zoo - we got an annual pass!

Fun at the zoo – we got an annual pass!

St Paddy's Day charmer

St Paddy’s Day charmer

Mommy is so fun

Yes Drew, the lamp is beautiful (for the 100th time today.)

My top front teeth are coming in - gimme popsicle!

My top front teeth are coming in – gimme popsicle!

Cutie pie

Cutie pie

We love him so much

Mr. Creamy Dreamy

Happy ❤ Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We can’t even express how much we love this little guy. It seems impossible that just nine months ago we brought home a little baby that couldn’t even focus on us, and now we have a baby on the verge of walking…we are so proud of him.

Ready for Valentine's day!

Ready for Valentine’s day!

So smiley!

So smiley!

"Pick me up!"

“Pick me up!”

"I wanna play outside!"

“I wanna play outside!”

Drew gets in last minute play after bath, before bed.

Drew gets in last minute play after bath, before bed.

"Balloon, prepare for a smooch."

“Balloon, prepare for a smooch.”

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dear Santa… let’s hang out sometime

Drew met with Santa and, despite our worries of tears, he was enchanted. There were multiple good pictures of Drew reaching up for Santa’s beard, but we went with one of the smiling ones.  And, while he asked for his two front teeth, Santa might not be quite magical enough to deliver such a big request. Really, that is more the domain of the Tooth Fairy anyway.



Dress Rehearsal

We just couldn’t decide what to dress Drew as for Halloween, so we kind of went overboard. With the exception of three costumes, all were just put together with things around the house. We have our personal favorites, but would love to know what costume you like best. As insane as it seems, we still have one last costume, so you will have to check back here later to see what he really went as for the big day.

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Since Last We Saw You…

We haven’t posted since when!?  Time is just moving too fast.  We have had so many fun experiences this summer and now fall. Here is a little glimpse into what we have been up to.

Aunt Lisa and Cousin Owen snuggling Drew earlier this summer.

Uncle Zach lovingly feeding his nephew.

Cousin Owen feeding a baby for the first time…what a pro.


Makawao the monkey is the best stroller pal.

Enjoying the Farmer’s Market.

Rolls…what rolls?


Yum! Eating rice cereal with my mouth and plotting world domination with my feet.

Spending a sunny afternoon with MeMere and Papa.

Mama said I was the cutest pumpkin in the patch. Drew at the State Fair.

Celebrating Mama’s birthday in style.

Oh how we miss Bellingham. Drew’s first overnight in the Ham for a good friend’s wedding.

Swinging is so much fun!

Drew is so happy to have Grampy visiting.

Baby you can drive my car. LeMay Museum is pretty amazing.