Us Are Havin’ Fun

As Drew would say, “Oh. My. Goodness.” did we have a fun and busy summer! Visited friends in Bellingham and family in Alaska. Lots of time with friends and family locally as well.

Drew had a full schedule with tons of activities and lots of “firsts”…. first time on a sports team, first swimming lessons by himself, first time fishing, first time getting gum, first time “shaving”.

Adventures & Family Visits

We got to spend a super fun weekend with old friends in Bellingham. Drew loved playing with new friends and we loved sharing some of our favorite spots with our son.

Exploring the beach on the Homer Spit. (Yes, he’s poking a dead fish with that stick…)

Posing for family photos in Homer.

We all live in a blue submarine.

Drew decided he wanted to take a bath in the rain. Who are we to crush his dreams?

Puddle jumping!

Love cousin Owen!

Touring the sights with Grandpy. [USS Turner Joy, The Seattle Great Wheel, and the Gum Wall of course!]

Learning to shave. He took this very seriously.

So fun to play with cousins! Cheers!

Talking with Papa and Great Grandpa. Solving the world’s problems, I’m sure!


Our little soccer rocker. This was the first time he was on a sports team. He took it very serious listening to the coaches and trying to follow directions exactly.

Very first swim lesson by himself!

The summer began on his scooter and now he rides his balance bike every day. Zoom!


He LOVED the fireworks so much this year. Bam!

Risky business. (This photo shoot had to be done at some point.)

First time trying gum. (Love how he rubs his tummy at the end…)

The eclipse — so awesome to watch this together! (Note to self: Next total eclipse, travel to see it at 100%.)

First time fishing. He kept catching one ugly fish after another!

Family reunion on Hood Canal. Great Grandpa was the instigator of this pool noodle battle, BTW.

Just being silly…

Stay Tuned for our next post – First Day of School!

Drew Turns 3!

We just cannot believe that Drew is now 3! Our baby turned into a toddler and is now becoming a little boy. So grateful to be able to witness his growing up and so proud of him!

Wow – 41 inches!

The tradition continues, 3 year old Drew holding photo of 2 year old Drew holding photo of 1 year old Drew holding ultrasound pic.

Welcome to Camp Run-A-Muck! We had a camping-themed birthday party – so much fun!

The counselors of Camp Run-a-Muck

Camp kids running a muck!

Happy campers

I… Love… You!

Disneyland Here We Come

We took another trip to Disneyland this year. Yes, we are those people… What can we say, it is close, full of sunshine and non-stop entertainment.  We rode roller coasters, had way too many treats, and even made it to the beach.

Disney fun!


Apparently Drew has a major crush on Doc McStuffins. He had only read a couple of the books, but started acting so shy and funny when he spotted her.  Now he talks about her on a daily basis and always wants to play Doc.

A not-quite-three-year-old riding Splash Mountain!? What kind of crazy parents allowed that?

Drew collected pressed pennies throughout the park. He would get so excited every time he spotted a penny machine!

Enjoying the California sunshine.

Puppy Love

Had a great visit with Zach and Owen last month. They came all the way to Washington to pick up their new puppy, Chewie. Drew loved having a cousin AND a doggie to play with!

What’s harder then getting a non-blurry photo of a toddler? A non-blurry photo of a toddler AND a puppy! (It’s not even clear when they are both relaxing on the couch!)

Owen and Drew make some delicious cookies – yum!

Exploring Narrows Park with Mommy.

Chewie got a little cold at the park!

Got even more family time a few weeks later when they came back (with Lisa too!) for Owen’s swim meet.

Hanging in front of MoPOP

’nuff said.

Winter Isn’t Coming… It’s Come and is Nearly Gone!

It seems like with each season, our blog posts get more delayed.  So, yes, it’s March.  And, yes, this post is primarily about Christmas time.  What can we say? Even though Drew is more and more independent, we still find ourselves with never enough time to do everything.

Very Merry

We’re going on a tree hunt… Hooray!

Went on Snoqualmie’s Santa Train this year.  It was very fun (and very cold)!

Better keep warm with an “ugga mugga” or two!

At the end of the train ride, we met Santa!  The photo on the left is after Santa asked Drew what he wanted for Christmas.  “Hummmm… Let me think about that one…”

Cousin Olivia came to visit with Uncle Eric – what fun!  Here our two chefs are baking cookies for Santa.

More cookies needed making… by Mr Naked Chef himself!

We had a bit of snow this year, which was very fun.  Drew would sled all day if we let him.  “Pull, Nana! Go fast!”

Another Santa?  Yep.

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before…

Wowie!  So much excitement on Christmas day!

MeMere and Papa all wrapped up with Drew.

Christmas dinner at the kids table.


New Year’s Day was spent with friends and involved milkshakes – what better way to ring in the new year?

Here’s our little charmer on Valentine’s Day.  He had a date with his ladies and of course brought flowers.