Drew Turns 3!

We just cannot believe that Drew is now 3! Our baby turned into a toddler and is now becoming a little boy. So grateful to be able to witness his growing up and so proud of him!

Wow – 41 inches!

The tradition continues, 3 year old Drew holding photo of 2 year old Drew holding photo of 1 year old Drew holding ultrasound pic.

Welcome to Camp Run-A-Muck! We had a camping-themed birthday party – so much fun!

The counselors of Camp Run-a-Muck

Camp kids running a muck!

Happy campers

I… Love… You!

Disneyland Here We Come

We took another trip to Disneyland this year. Yes, we are those people… What can we say, it is close, full of sunshine and non-stop entertainment.  We rode roller coasters, had way too many treats, and even made it to the beach.

Disney fun!


Apparently Drew has a major crush on Doc McStuffins. He had only read a couple of the books, but started acting so shy and funny when he spotted her.  Now he talks about her on a daily basis and always wants to play Doc.

A not-quite-three-year-old riding Splash Mountain!? What kind of crazy parents allowed that?

Drew collected pressed pennies throughout the park. He would get so excited every time he spotted a penny machine!

Enjoying the California sunshine.

Puppy Love

Had a great visit with Zach and Owen last month. They came all the way to Washington to pick up their new puppy, Chewie. Drew loved having a cousin AND a doggie to play with!

What’s harder then getting a non-blurry photo of a toddler? A non-blurry photo of a toddler AND a puppy! (It’s not even clear when they are both relaxing on the couch!)

Owen and Drew make some delicious cookies – yum!

Exploring Narrows Park with Mommy.

Chewie got a little cold at the park!

Got even more family time a few weeks later when they came back (with Lisa too!) for Owen’s swim meet.

Hanging in front of MoPOP

’nuff said.

Winter Isn’t Coming… It’s Come and is Nearly Gone!

It seems like with each season, our blog posts get more delayed.  So, yes, it’s March.  And, yes, this post is primarily about Christmas time.  What can we say? Even though Drew is more and more independent, we still find ourselves with never enough time to do everything.

Very Merry

We’re going on a tree hunt… Hooray!

Went on Snoqualmie’s Santa Train this year.  It was very fun (and very cold)!

Better keep warm with an “ugga mugga” or two!

At the end of the train ride, we met Santa!  The photo on the left is after Santa asked Drew what he wanted for Christmas.  “Hummmm… Let me think about that one…”

Cousin Olivia came to visit with Uncle Eric – what fun!  Here our two chefs are baking cookies for Santa.

More cookies needed making… by Mr Naked Chef himself!

We had a bit of snow this year, which was very fun.  Drew would sled all day if we let him.  “Pull, Nana! Go fast!”

Another Santa?  Yep.

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before…

Wowie!  So much excitement on Christmas day!

MeMere and Papa all wrapped up with Drew.

Christmas dinner at the kids table.


New Year’s Day was spent with friends and involved milkshakes – what better way to ring in the new year?

Here’s our little charmer on Valentine’s Day.  He had a date with his ladies and of course brought flowers.

So Much to be Thankful For

Pumpkins & Patches

We ended up going to two (yes, two) pumpkin patches this year. Creek House Farm is our usual patch and we had to go and get our annual photo on their wooden porch swing. Lattin’s Farm was new for us this year and that’s where we ended up getting our pumpkins. In addition to the patch they had carnival games, which were a huge hit with Drew.

Farm Hand

Farm Hand




Exploring the Car


Snuggled Up


Family Kiss


Enjoying the crisp fall air


Lowly Worm’s Cousins


Cookie!!! . . . sadly moments later the cookie fell in the mud.


Choosing Pumpkins


Drew insisted on pulling the  wagon…


… and then insisted on riding back.


Pumpkin Guts


Lit Pumpkin

Fall Festivities

Pumpkin patches weren’t the only good times to be had this fall. Gig Harbor’s Scarecrow Festival was fun despite the rain. The highlight of that event was the pumpkin launch – watch the video below!

We also hosted a little Halloween Party for Drew and his friends. The invite warned “This will be a House Full of Two Year Olds. Come if you Dare!” but there were actually no melt-downs in sight!




Vamp Drew


Pony ride – Drew wasn’t really sure if he was okay with what was happening.



Woo Hoo!


Party Friends


The whole gang – Emerson, Gigi, Drew, Aria and Kinley


Pin the pumpkin in the patch.


Doughnut on String


Party Balloons

Halloween Day

Inspired by all the pretend dragons that have chased us around the house for months, Drew went as a dragon this year. To accompany our dragon we went as Game of Thrones style women. He had so much fun trick-or-treating downtown. Lots of people dressed in costumes and candy – what could be better?


Family Costumes …Winter is Coming

Dragon Fight

Dragon Fight


Getting ready to trick-or-treat.  I think Mommy’s giving him a pre-game pep talk.


Let’s go!


Oddly Drew already knows to line up the candy and assess the goods.

Spurrell Family

The Spurrell side of the family was able to get together for a family photo in addition to Thanksgiving. We also made a trip up to Port Angeles to visit Drew’s Great Grandpa who is almost 94.


Spurrell family photo


Great Grandpa and Papa. You can’t tell from the picture, but they are all wearing their Port Angeles flannels.


Smooching Memere.

That’s it for this time. Happy Holidays everyone!


Lots of love this holiday season!

End of Summer

Yes, October is almost over – this post is a very belated update for the remainder of our summer.  (We promise to not wait until 2017 to post Fall photos!)

Every day Drew does or says something that amazes us and we can’t get enough of the funny things he says and the astonishing connections he makes.  It’s so cute to see the world through his eyes.  Of course, it’s difficult to capture all of these moments on camera, but hopefully this collection of photos and videos will help remind us how cute our little Drew Drew is.

Currently Drew’s greatest loves are probably books, pretending and playing chase.  His energy is boundless!  One moment he’s sweetly singing a song and the next thing you know he’s jumping off furniture “doing tricks”.  Reading is one of the few low-key activities that will occupy him.  Otherwise we’re having foot races around the house, pretending to cook, riding a rocket ship to outer space, playing music, or asking to be “trapped” so that he can try to escape your tickles.

One milestone this summer was Drew using the potty!  We are now only wearing diapers for bedtime.  He was so very excited to start wearing big boy undies!

The best part about being potty trained? Undies!!

The best part about being potty trained? Undies!!


This year our camping trip was a bit closer to home at Scenic Beach State Park. Nice park, nice camping space, not-so-nice neighbors. The large (10+) group of people camping next to us stayed up past midnight talking loudly. Drew is usually asleep by 7:30 so midnight is super late. He kept calling out “Be quiet workers!” (Not sure why he thought they were “workers”… maybe because we have some construction going on across the street from our house?). Despite the super late night Drew was awake and ready to get up before dawn. So up we were having a camp fire and breakfast in the early morning hours. Take that, loud neighbors!


S’mores – Drew liked the chocolate best.


Early morning breakfast

5am fire

4am fire…sleep was hard to come by this camping trip

Family Time

We took a weekend trip to Wenatchee to visit Uncle Mike, Aunt Katie and three of Drew’s cousins. It was a lot of fun – Drew loves spending time with these three girls! We also saw the Spurrell-side of the family at two different family reunions during the summer – one in Kent and one on Hood Canal.


Cousins touring the Aplets and Cotlets Factory in Central Washington

Family photo

Family photo

State Fair

Drew loved everything about the fair. Lots to see and do (and eat!) He got to go into a fun house, ride a huge slide, and even went on his first roller-coaster ride. He would have gone on rides all day long if we had let him!

First roller coaster ride!

Drew’s first roller coaster ride! He loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it & acting it out afterwards.

Hugging bigfoot

Hugging Bigfoot

Huge slide = Huge fun

Huge slide = Huge fun


Future Farmer of America?

Old west

Wild Wild West

Potential Professions

Drew has so many potential professions – who knows what this kiddo will end up doing! (If you’re reading this in your email, please click here to watch the videos.)





Kitsap Steamers & Park

Nana also came for a visit this summer and one of the outings was to Port Orchard to ride the Kitsap Steamers. If you have little-ones and are in the area this is a fun outing.

Riding the mini-train with Mommy and Nana

Riding the mini-train with Mommy and Nana

Big boy swing

Big boy swing

Climbing up, up, up

Climbing up, up, up

Looking cute

Looking cute

Day dreaming

Day dreaming


Many trips to parks this summer – here are some photos from walking the trails one day.


“Timber….” Right before this picture was taken, Drew pretended he cut this tree down with an ax.

Walking the trail

Walking the trail

Look! I found apples!!

Look! I found apples!!


While the Mariners game last year was fun, we decided to get the ‘big league’ experience a little closer to home by attending a Tacoma Rainiers game. MeMere and Papa came along and treated Drew to a hat and a bat and also (drum-roll please…) ice cream!


Rainiers game with MeMere and Papa

Running the bases after the game (video)

So what’s Drew like day-to-day? Well… this might give you a glimpse:

Pizza face!

Pizza face!